I am confused …..

I am confused ….. what is Garden Room Therapies?

Briefly it is a combination of therapies that I will soon be able to offer in the aim of taking care of body, mind and spirit.

What are you offering?

In addition to the yoga/meditation classes and private yoga sessions I will also be offering Swedish and aromatherapy massages.

Yoga and massage working together …

For back pain sufferers I will be able to offer you the combination of yoga movements and massage in personalised sessions.  Bringing together the benefits of yoga and massage to help reduce back pain especially tailored to the individual needs.

And because Jenni’s Dru yoga now has the addition of massage it seemed only logic that I needed to call this collection of therapies another name to avoid confusion.  At present I am working on finalising the treatments and within the coming months will be able to give you more information plus introductory offers.

I am passionate about using what I have learnt about health and well being to share with everyone so we can all get the very best out of life.

So much more to come……                         Jennix

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom      Aristotle




The power of sitting still.



The next meditation class will be on Wednesday 22nd February at 7pm until 8.15pm at Minskip village hall. No booking required.

The class will include body movements, breath work, relaxation and guided meditation.

So if life seems so busy and there never seems be time for yourself. Come and experience the wonders and gifts of meditation. The power within is just waiting for you to knock on the door.

New Year with Dru yoga for a New you!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and as we start to look towards the New Year and new possibilities I wanted to remind you about yoga classes.

Wednesdays at Minskip village hall start on 4th January 2017 at 7pm
We will continue to have meditation focus classes every month – usually the last Wednesday on the month. (The first meditation class on Weds 25th Jan at 7pm)

Thursdays at Green Hammerton village hall start on 5th January 2017 at 6.30pm.
There will be NO class at 8pm on Thursdays.

All classes will be 75 minutes and cost £5. Loyalty scheme – attend 9 classes and get the tenth free.

I am looking to holding classes in other areas at other times of the day with particular focuses such as Back Care/Meditation for limited period. For this I would welcome any feedback as to possibilities – so please feel free to offer any advice. Thank you.

I am now a qualified Swedish Masseur and hope to qualify as a Aromatherapist in May 2017. Last Summer I achieved Postgraduate qualification in Dru Yoga Back Care Course and I continue to develop my meditation practice to enhance my teaching. My aim is to bring together all these skills in Garden Rooms Therapies – this will mean changes within the blog and Facebook for the New Year. So much more to follow.

Wishing you lots of joy and laughter in 2017.


‘This system of healing, which has been Divinely revealed unto us, shows that it is our fears, our cares, our anxieties and such like that open the path to the invasion of illness. Thus by treating our fears, our cares, our worries and so on, we not only free ourselves from our illness, in addition take away our fears and worries, and leave us happier and better in ourselves.’
Bach Center, The Twelve Healers and other Remedies (1936)

New you with Dru!


Classes will be taking a break for a short time but will all return week commencing 5th September.

Wednesday, 7pm at Minskip village hall starting on 7th September

Thursday, 6.30pm and 8pm classes at Green Hammerton village hall on 8th September

Special meditation classes on:                                                                             Minskip villaga hall on Wednesday, 28th September                                           Green Hammerton village hall on Thursday on 29th September (8pm CLASS ONLY)

Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

Including body movements, breathing techniques, relaxation and guided meditation

Thursday 28th July

Green Hammerton Village Hall

8pm until 9.15pm

Wednesday 10th August

Minskip Village Hall

7pm until 8.15pm

Both classes £5

(please note the above classes will replace the usual yoga class structures)




Yoga Day – Tuesday 21st June 2016


In celebration of United Nations Yoga Day

Tuesday 21st June 2016

At 7.30pm we will be honoring this day along with thousand of other yogis by coming together for a very special free yoga session

The session will include warm ups, sun sequence and a guided meditation while watching the sun set.

This is an outdoor session in the garden of Naworth House, York Road, Green Hammerton. Please dress appropriate to the weather and bring along mat and blanket. For more details please visit www.jenniyoga.wordpress.com or phone 01423 331396

Meditation – a personal view


Meditation – Personal View

My curiosity for meditation some years ago lead me to go on a meditation retreat in Wales at the Dru Yoga Centre. At the time it also introduced me to Dru Yoga, which I immediately feel in love with but that is another story.

Meditation to me is a point of stillness, a moment of calmness amongst the noise and chaos of life pressures. It brings me clarity, security, focus and the ability to reconnect with the importance of self (not in a selfish way but in a way that is nurturing both for me and others).

The gifts of meditation from a personal perspective are:

An automatic coping ability with stressful situations. Instead of thinking I am stressed I need to breathe more deeply or whatever, my mind goes into automatic and calms the stressful patterns. Simply my mind takes care of my body. It is often after the stressful event that I think wow I handled that a lot better than usual.
I feel younger. Ok I may not look younger but if you avoid mirrors who cares.
I absorb less negativity both from people and situations. Negativity is so good at depleting your energy while positivity simply increases it. Meditation allows me to become the observer rather than the victim. I am doing the best I can, and I am OK.
I love the secure feeling that there is always somewhere I can go to sort out problems, challenges and to be accepted as me. You do not need to think too hard just allow the process to do its job. It never fails. You may not get all the answers but that could be you are asking the wrong questions. Change your thoughts, Change your life Dr Wayne Dyer
I feel happy for no reason. Why should you be happy for a reason, can we not just be happy! Happiness for me comes with a partner, gratitude. A powerful emotion and one that should never be underestimated. It is not easy to feel stressed and have a sense of gratitude at the same time.

Many studies support my own experiences of meditation such as:

Reduces blood lactate, a marker of stress and anxiety.
Calming hormones melatonin and serotonin are increased and the stress hormone cortisol is decreased.
Meditators secrete more of the youth-related hormone DHEA as they age than non-meditators. This helps decrease stress, heighten memory, preserve sexual function and control weight.
Has a profound effect upon three key indicators of aging: hearing ability, blood pressure and vision of close objects.
Can help pain relief, insomnia and reduce risk of heart disease and cancer.
So what do you do to achieve all these wonderful benefits? Just sit still and do it regularly. Meditation has an accumulative effect and therefore when you stop so do the benefits.

Sitting still how hard can that be. In my experience this is the hardest part for people to understand and to put into action. Turning off those distractions whatever they may be, families, computers, television, phones and so on is hard. My meditation practiced is determined by my lifestyle and started very slowly. I started by meditating once a week on a Saturday morning very early, with a young family it was the only time that seemed peaceful and I knew I was safe from distractions. After awhile of planting the habit it became my precious time. Over the years my practice has increased and now I practice most days – learning more about it from teachers and fellow meditators and realising there is so much more to learn.

There are still times when I come to meditate where I cannot settle. I have realized to be kind to myself. You cannot force your physical body to sit if it is not prepared, so it is far better to accept it rather than forcing yourself to sit uncomfortably, all you are doing is wasting your time and getting no benefits but a cross mind. It is always beneficial to take time to make sure you are sitting comfortably with a straight spine whether that be crossed legged or on a chair. When I first began meditating, I bought CD’s (at the time there were no apps) and books but it was only when I went to the retreat in Wales did I realise that with a few helpful hints it was so easy to sit and be still. In meditation class we take you through all the steps to make your body both physically and emotionally ready for meditation – deepens your experience and increases the benefits.

Click below to enjoy a short meditation.       Jennix 

Earth Meditation

cliff bird

Outdoor Yoga is back!

On Monday (see class information for more details) we will start outdoor yoga again.  This year our classes will include learning Kanakadhara Dru Dance – Lotus in Full Bloom.  The dance is inspired by an exploration of the power of giving and receiving.  Kanakadhara is one of the names of Lakshmi – the goddess shakti or energy that represents the mother of all abundance – this form particularly expresses the ‘wealth’ that comes to us when we take responsibility for your lives.  This wealth takes many forms – material, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wealth.

The full dance is approximately 6 minutes long and comprises of many traditional yoga postures linked by flowing movements.  In class we will enjoy practicing the dance in small sequences rather than deliberately learning the dance for a performance.  In this way it will introduce the class to new movements and the opportunity to work out both physically, energetically and emotionally.  We will take time to work on individual postures before linking them into the dance.  There will be an opportunity to learn more about the dance as we progress should you wish to do so.   Each class will be planned carefully, ensuring everyone can participate, even if you have missed classes or just a beginner.  Should students wish to perform the whole dance for a special class then we will plan to do so in September.

To be simply human is great wealth.    To realise, express and live our potential, to give, receive and flow with life is a great wealth.  Use this sequence to train yourself to perceive and experience this wealth.  (Dru Dance)

kana image

NO class on Weds 27th April

Just to let you know that there will be NO class on Wednesday 27th April but will be back to normal on Weds 4th May at 7pm.  You are very welcome to come along to a class at Green Hammerton village hall on Thursday either 6.30pm or 8pm.

Special meditation classes coming soon please visit my face book Jenni’s Dru Yoga for up-to-date information.







Watch Points for Back Care

‘Nerves from the spine are directly or indirectly connected to nearly every organ, gland, and muscle in the body via the voluntary and autonomic nervous systems. A healthy spine nourishes and therefore benefits the whole body.’

(Dru Yoga Stillness in Motion p.41)


  • Standing – good posture has a direct impact on all joints and muscles. Become aware of how you stand remembering the wonderful posture of Tadasana (Mountain Posture).
  • Sleeping – good supportive bed. During the night the discs are replenished – a healthy spine is a well nourished spine.
  • Sitting – for too long puts considerable strain on the back particularly the lower back. Ensure you are sitting properly (feet flat on the floor, engaging the core muscles allow the spine to straighten, shoulders back & relaxed, chin level and head upright. Make sure you take breaks to stretch and release the spine.
  • Sports and activities – in the past it was considered important to rest if you had back pain but it is now agreed that some movement is important for maintenance and recovery. Movement of spine particularly backward and forward bends allows the spine to rehydrate and keep flexible.
  • Shoes- good supportive shoes – if feet are painful and sore it will have a detrimental effect on the spine.
  • Good diet – hydration, weight control and a healthy diet will also help your system to keep your back in tip top shape.
  • Red flag signs – if you are in constant pain, high temperature, bladder problems, had a serious fall, muscle weakness, numbness in the leg and any other concern please seek professional help.
  • Special treats – last but certainly not least … your back will always appreciate a massage and its advantages of increasing the blood flow, relaxing and releasing tension/toxins. Maintaining a healthy back should be all about the pleasure factor rather than enduring something you dislike.

‘Long periods of heavy sitting slumped in a ‘C’ shaped posture loads up the discs and is particularly compressive; even more so as the facet joints at the back disengage and the belly lets go at the front. This is noteworthy, because I believe lumbar compression is the background cause of most low-back problems.’

( Back Sufferers’ Bible : Sarah Key’s)

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