Massage Treatments


What should I expect from a treatment?  Simply I treat you.  You may have decided to come for many reasons either or both physical or emotional concerns.  The joy of these treatments are that they can help both your emotional and physical body in a supportive and gentle way.  I can also tap into the benefits of essential oils that allow the healing to continue long after the treatment has finished.  Add to the mix the healing qualities of Reiki (energy healing) to enhance your experience.  I also have a wealth of knowledge as a yoga/meditation teacher and counsellor to help you cope with the stresses and challenges of life.

Who would benefit from a treatment?  

  • Physical concerns – stiff, sore muscles, joint problems, insomnia, headaches, back, shoulder and neck problems, poor circulation and so on.  You may be unsure whether you need a massage or more expert advice.  If in doubt you can make an initial appointment as a starting point, do not delay if you know you need to seek help.  If you have undiagnosed pain and have been suffering for some time please seek medical help.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Cancer or Fibromyalgia – I offer a gentle treatment suitable for ongoing treatment to aid healing.
  • Maintenance – keep the body and mind healthy by having regular massages.
  • Emotionally – if you are struggling from a trauma or if you need to reduce stress and find it hard to relax, a treatment could be the answer.  These treatments are ideal to help the body restore, relax and re balance.
  • A treat!  Give yourself a seasonal treat.  Enhance your energy levels during the Summer, prepare for hibernation and being nurtured during Autumn, cherish yourself during the cold months of Winter and prepare for Spring by having an uplifting and refreshing massage.

If you look after your body, mind and spirit you will be amazed at how joyous and fun life can be!

Please refer to TREATMENTS for the full range of treatments offered.

What is a therapeutic massage?  

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