Would you like some Reiki?

What is Reiki?  click here 

How does the Reiki feel ?  Individual perspective click here

The above link can explain very simply what Reiki is and how it works.

I was introduced to Reiki about 5 years ago when I was not very well.  Having visited my local GP surgery several times they were unable to treat me. In desperation I turned to a Reiki practitioner that had been recommended to me by a friend.  From my first session I started to heal and even though it was not immediate I gradually started to feel better.  Since that visit whenever I felt unwell I would visit this practitioner and continue to marvel in the benefits of Reiki.  I was offered the possibility of becoming a Reiki practitioner myself and jumped at the offer.  Now I have achieved level 3 as a Reiki practitioner.

If you would like to benefit from the healing energy of Reiki , I will be offering a FREE distant healing session this SUNDAY, 21st JANUARY at 8pm.

Benefits – would you like to relax and reduce stress?  you have an area of your body that would benefit from some healing?  you need some help and support to cope with some life challenges? and so on.

What do you need to do?  If you would like to take part email me jennidruyoga@gmail.com or text me 07546295968 giving me the following details:  your name, your location for Sunday at 8pm and if there is any specific reasons for the Reiki such as a poorly knee, for stress or just overall relaxation.

Make sure that it is a convenient time for you, that you can easily relax either sitting or lying down somewhere quiet and warm where you will not be disturbed for at least 45 minutes.  Allow yourself to relax and welcome in the Reiki energy!

If you would like to know more please email or text me.     Jennix




Meditation – establish a regular practice.

The next meditation  class will be on Wednesday 26th July, 7pm until 8.15pm at Minskip village hall, Boroughbridge.  Everyone welcome wether you are a regular class member or just interested in meditation. This is a special class including tools to establish a regular practice at home. So whether you are looking for peace in this busy life, support for life challenges or to tap into your individual creativity please come along to enjoy all the benefits of Dru meditation.  (Please note NO classes at Minskip village hall during August).


The offers continue …

For the month of July the offers available are:

Aromatherapy massages – full body for only £38.  Limited time then choose the back, shoulders and neck only aromatherapy massage for only £28.  The massage oil is tailored to your needs using blends of essentail oils to make this massage unique to you.  Take advantage of this offer and come and experience the power of the essential oils. (Sorry no discount vouchers can be used at the same time as monthly offers)

Gift vouchers/boxes are available for all treatments.  Included in each gift box is specially made product and gift voucher.


The wonderful month of June


The May offer continues ….. Swedish massages (75 mins) for only £30.  Each treatment is tailored to the individual requirements.  Flexible appointments are available including weekends and evenings.

Added bonus this month …… if you wish your massage to include some Reiki please inform me when you book.  This special treatment would include one hour massage plus 20 mins of Reiki.  (June offer of £30)  We are all unique individuals and therefore each treatment is customised for your specific needs. 

Reiki is a non-intrusive, hands on healing treatment which uses universal energy to treat clients.  Reiki can relieve stress, pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate healing and balance subtle energies of the body.

01423 331396   jennidruyoga@googlemail.com




Here we go … the month of May offer!

May offer (only) – £30 offer   

Swedish massage (75 mins) for £30

Individual Back Care*  session (90 mins) – including Dru yoga  moves and back, shoulder and neck massage £30  

Flexible appointments available.  (for mobile appointments there will be an extra charge of £10 – *back care session ONLY available at Naworth House)



I am confused …..

I am confused ….. what is Garden Room Therapies?

Briefly it is a combination of therapies that I will soon be able to offer in the aim of taking care of body, mind and spirit.

What are you offering?

In addition to the yoga/meditation classes and private yoga sessions I will also be offering Swedish and aromatherapy massages.

Yoga and massage working together …

For back pain sufferers I will be able to offer you the combination of yoga movements and massage in personalised sessions.  Bringing together the benefits of yoga and massage to help reduce back pain especially tailored to the individual needs.

And because Jenni’s Dru yoga now has the addition of massage it seemed only logic that I needed to call this collection of therapies another name to avoid confusion.  At present I am working on finalising the treatments and within the coming months will be able to give you more information plus introductory offers.

I am passionate about using what I have learnt about health and well being to share with everyone so we can all get the very best out of life.

So much more to come……                         Jennix

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom      Aristotle



New Year with Dru yoga for a New you!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and as we start to look towards the New Year and new possibilities I wanted to remind you about yoga classes.

Wednesdays at Minskip village hall start on 4th January 2017 at 7pm
We will continue to have meditation focus classes every month – usually the last Wednesday on the month. (The first meditation class on Weds 25th Jan at 7pm)

Thursdays at Green Hammerton village hall start on 5th January 2017 at 6.30pm.
There will be NO class at 8pm on Thursdays.

All classes will be 75 minutes and cost £5. Loyalty scheme – attend 9 classes and get the tenth free.

I am looking to holding classes in other areas at other times of the day with particular focuses such as Back Care/Meditation for limited period. For this I would welcome any feedback as to possibilities – so please feel free to offer any advice. Thank you.

I am now a qualified Swedish Masseur and hope to qualify as a Aromatherapist in May 2017. Last Summer I achieved Postgraduate qualification in Dru Yoga Back Care Course and I continue to develop my meditation practice to enhance my teaching. My aim is to bring together all these skills in Garden Rooms Therapies – this will mean changes within the blog and Facebook for the New Year. So much more to follow.

Wishing you lots of joy and laughter in 2017.


‘This system of healing, which has been Divinely revealed unto us, shows that it is our fears, our cares, our anxieties and such like that open the path to the invasion of illness. Thus by treating our fears, our cares, our worries and so on, we not only free ourselves from our illness, in addition take away our fears and worries, and leave us happier and better in ourselves.’
Bach Center, The Twelve Healers and other Remedies (1936)

New you with Dru!


Classes will be taking a break for a short time but will all return week commencing 5th September.

Wednesday, 7pm at Minskip village hall starting on 7th September

Thursday, 6.30pm and 8pm classes at Green Hammerton village hall on 8th September

Special meditation classes on:                                                                             Minskip villaga hall on Wednesday, 28th September                                           Green Hammerton village hall on Thursday on 29th September (8pm CLASS ONLY)

November Newsletter


candle November usually signifies the change in weather and the days becoming shorter. With the lack of light hours it is understandable that we feel like we are going into hibernation, which can often leave us feeling depressed and tired. A simple way to keep the ‘light’ is lighting a candle when you first awake and also last thing at night. By taking a moment to gaze at the candle allows you a moment of relaxation, and can prepare you for the day or give you a moment of reflection at night time



I am passionate that yoga practices should be used as a toolkit for life. Viparita Karani (supported inverted posture) is a posture that I often use after a busy day, long walk, after a long car journey or just when I need an extra boost quickly. As you can see in the picture I usually lie down at the side of the bed and rest my feet on the bed.

Legs up on bed


The posture is very relaxing to the heart, allowing it to work without pressure. The lungs are also free to breathe deeply and without too much effort. The inverted position refreshes the heart and lungs with a good supply of blood. Core muscles need to be strong to support the lower back and legs in this position. Viparita brings about a sense of calm, stills the restless mind and peace.

Hiatus Hernia suffers should not stay in the position too long.


  1. Create a platform of blankets, two or three carefully folded blankets. Blanket wide enough so that the edges reach the sides of your lower back.
  2. Crouch with your back to the blankets. Gently lower your lower back onto the blankets with your head and shoulders on the floor in a supported bridge position.  blankets VK
  3. Gently bend your knees towards the chest, making sure your hips are rested on the blankets. Slowly extend the legs into vertical position.
  4. Relax your arms by your side letting the chest open and breathing freely.
  5. Let the hips sink deeply into the blanket. The lower back is supported. There is always the option to tuck a cushions under your lower back when you are in the upright position to give added support.legs up
  6. Remain in this position for 10 to 15 minutes. If legs feel the strain bend the legs to release the tension.
  7. When ready to come out of the posture simply bend your knees and return to supported bridge position, roll towards the side and gradually supporting yourself roll off the blankets.
  8. Afterthoughts – you may need to experiment with the height of blankets to get the right support for you. Too low you will have to work hard to keep the legs vertical; too high your lower back will begin to hurt. Try not to tense the legs as they will tire quickly. With this inversion there is an increase blood supply to the face, which can enhance your hair and skin. When I was regularly practicing this position I received two comments that seem to confirm this, one was about my ‘glowing’ skin and the other from my hairdresser remarking on how thick my hair was now.



Missed the Om Yoga show in London!   Why not make a date in your diary for Om Yoga Show in Manchester at the Event City, 20,21 & 22 May 2016.


Peace – it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.     Unknown

Classes continue throughout November. No break now until Christmas. I had hoped to be able to offer an 8pm session before Christmas but this has been impossible due to other Christmas events happening. Sorry. My plans now look towards the New Year for a later session. Any new sessions will be posted on facebook.

New to Dru Yoga – Dru yoga is not a religion or a cult. You do not need to be a vegetarian or sit in the lotus position. Anyone that can breathe can do yoga. Based upon soft, flowing movements, controlled breathing and visualization, Dru yoga is both a graceful form of exercise and a potent means of stress relief. With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition, Dru yoga is a style that has been passed down through the generations. It works on the body and the mind, strengthening core stability and building a heightened feeling of positively and empowerment.

In this fast moving world Dru yoga works in contrast by slowing us down, both physically and mentally. The power of stopping possibly requires more energy and determination than faster forms of exercise. Performing these simple Dru moves and asanas with focus can dissolve physical, energetic, emotional and mental blockages. It’s not about how difficult the pose is, it is about how much awareness you bring to it.