Practice what you preach…

Appearance_of_sky_for_weather_forecast,_Dhaka,_BangladeshI am not complacent in thinking that I know everything – I love the idea of continually learning and discovering all about life.  This week life decided to show me that some lessons you have to be reminded of.  So it was this week and to be honest the previous 2 weeks that I was plagued with a cough that seemed to attack me with no warning.  Activities and conversations were cut short as I went into bouts of coughing.  In the initial days I comforted myself with the thought  that it would go soon but it didn’t.  My ‘coping with it’ attitude soon changed to ‘I just want it to go now!.’  But it was going nowhere soon.  So I took myself off to the local chemist to buy an array of cough products and immediately started to dose myself with disgusting concoctions and constantly sucking on a cough sweet.  My small comfort was that I was not a professional singer!  The other blessing was I continue with my yoga practice and with hindsight realised that this was the only time my cough eased.  Was it the breathing?  Was it the gentle movements that may have released negative energy and gave my lungs a helping hand.  I practiced my yoga at night and this may have helped in allowing me to have a good night sleep where many others complain that their coughs keep them awake.

Gradually I am getting better and only occasionally get a coughing attack.  Once I had ditched the cough potions and went back to basics of sipping hot lemon and honey ( a lifesaver) and just allowed my immune system to do its job without hindering with false remedies.

Sometimes when ‘in need’ we need to be kind to ourselves rather than carrying on as normal.  This is often said and I know I say it frequently but like most promises doing it is usually harder than we think.  There is no automatic ‘stop’ sign appearing and we are reliant on our own ego’s in allowing us to simply stop.  You may be thinking that I should know better and that is true.  But sadly I am only human and very much work in progress.  But I take comfort in the fact I now can reflect rather than moving on with life without taking the opportunity to learn and improve.

So join me on Thursday (25th) at Green Hammerton village hall to enjoy a beautiful session of Dru yoga.  This week we will give ourselves the opportunity to ‘stop’ and listen to our body and mind with the addition of meditation after our usual relaxation (no coughing this week.)