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Wanting help with back problems?  Needing to reduce your stress levels?   Need time just for you?  Feel that there is more to life?  Finding sleeping a problem?  Need some help to cope with life?   Just looking for something but what?

Dru yoga is maybe the answer.  The flowing yoga movements easily adapt to either physical or emotional blocks or concerns.  Your body naturally wants to move but some time life can reduce that movement either by physical or emotional problems.  Dru gently and gracefully supports the body and mind to open up, and freely move, allowing you to live with more joy and peace.

On Wednesday, classes are at Minskip village hall at 7pm unti 8.15pm.  Classes resume on Wednesday 6th September.

On Thursday, classes are at Green Hammerton village hall at 6.30pm until 7.45pm.

All classes are £5 – no booking required.  Please bring along a mat and blanket.

Not sure …… why not try a private session.  It is a great way to start your practice and gives you a personal insight into how Dru yoga can work for you.  For September and October only enjoy the benefits of an offer price of £15 for an introductory, individual session.  (To know more about Dru yoga see link below.)


What is Dru Yoga?




On Wednesday 21st June 2017 we will be celebrating International Yoga Day by offering a free Dru yoga class at  Minskip village hall, 7 until 8.15pm.  Everyone is welcome to celebrate this very special day in the yoga diary.  The session will try to give a flavour of all aspects of Dru yoga such as specific flowing postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.  So if you are new to Dru and just want to experience this graceful form of yoga or whether you are a regular, please come along to enjoy this unique class for all.

No need to book just come along to join in.  (Bring along a mat and blanket)


Yoga Day – Tuesday 21st June 2016


In celebration of United Nations Yoga Day

Tuesday 21st June 2016

At 7.30pm we will be honoring this day along with thousand of other yogis by coming together for a very special free yoga session

The session will include warm ups, sun sequence and a guided meditation while watching the sun set.

This is an outdoor session in the garden of Naworth House, York Road, Green Hammerton. Please dress appropriate to the weather and bring along mat and blanket. For more details please visit or phone 01423 331396

Outdoor Yoga is back!

On Monday (see class information for more details) we will start outdoor yoga again.  This year our classes will include learning Kanakadhara Dru Dance – Lotus in Full Bloom.  The dance is inspired by an exploration of the power of giving and receiving.  Kanakadhara is one of the names of Lakshmi – the goddess shakti or energy that represents the mother of all abundance – this form particularly expresses the ‘wealth’ that comes to us when we take responsibility for your lives.  This wealth takes many forms – material, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wealth.

The full dance is approximately 6 minutes long and comprises of many traditional yoga postures linked by flowing movements.  In class we will enjoy practicing the dance in small sequences rather than deliberately learning the dance for a performance.  In this way it will introduce the class to new movements and the opportunity to work out both physically, energetically and emotionally.  We will take time to work on individual postures before linking them into the dance.  There will be an opportunity to learn more about the dance as we progress should you wish to do so.   Each class will be planned carefully, ensuring everyone can participate, even if you have missed classes or just a beginner.  Should students wish to perform the whole dance for a special class then we will plan to do so in September.

To be simply human is great wealth.    To realise, express and live our potential, to give, receive and flow with life is a great wealth.  Use this sequence to train yourself to perceive and experience this wealth.  (Dru Dance)

kana image

NO class on Weds 27th April

Just to let you know that there will be NO class on Wednesday 27th April but will be back to normal on Weds 4th May at 7pm.  You are very welcome to come along to a class at Green Hammerton village hall on Thursday either 6.30pm or 8pm.

Special meditation classes coming soon please visit my face book Jenni’s Dru Yoga for up-to-date information.







Watch Points for Back Care

‘Nerves from the spine are directly or indirectly connected to nearly every organ, gland, and muscle in the body via the voluntary and autonomic nervous systems. A healthy spine nourishes and therefore benefits the whole body.’

(Dru Yoga Stillness in Motion p.41)


  • Standing – good posture has a direct impact on all joints and muscles. Become aware of how you stand remembering the wonderful posture of Tadasana (Mountain Posture).
  • Sleeping – good supportive bed. During the night the discs are replenished – a healthy spine is a well nourished spine.
  • Sitting – for too long puts considerable strain on the back particularly the lower back. Ensure you are sitting properly (feet flat on the floor, engaging the core muscles allow the spine to straighten, shoulders back & relaxed, chin level and head upright. Make sure you take breaks to stretch and release the spine.
  • Sports and activities – in the past it was considered important to rest if you had back pain but it is now agreed that some movement is important for maintenance and recovery. Movement of spine particularly backward and forward bends allows the spine to rehydrate and keep flexible.
  • Shoes- good supportive shoes – if feet are painful and sore it will have a detrimental effect on the spine.
  • Good diet – hydration, weight control and a healthy diet will also help your system to keep your back in tip top shape.
  • Red flag signs – if you are in constant pain, high temperature, bladder problems, had a serious fall, muscle weakness, numbness in the leg and any other concern please seek professional help.
  • Special treats – last but certainly not least … your back will always appreciate a massage and its advantages of increasing the blood flow, relaxing and releasing tension/toxins. Maintaining a healthy back should be all about the pleasure factor rather than enduring something you dislike.

‘Long periods of heavy sitting slumped in a ‘C’ shaped posture loads up the discs and is particularly compressive; even more so as the facet joints at the back disengage and the belly lets go at the front. This is noteworthy, because I believe lumbar compression is the background cause of most low-back problems.’

( Back Sufferers’ Bible : Sarah Key’s)

Pelistry Bay

Boroughbridge here I come …

A new class in a new area – a mixture of excitement and nerves.  I am so looking forward to introducing Dru yoga to new and old students.  My aim of this first session is to provide everyone with a nurturing class caring for both mind and body.

The class will follow a normal class structure:

Activations Moving the body to lively music getting the body warmed up and ready for the class.

Energy Block Release Movements These movements will work with the joints and muscles in a subtle way, releasing blocked energy and tension.

Postures We will be focusing on our core muscles with the Bhujangasana (Cobra) and Marjariasana (Cat).  Both of these postures are excellent for the spine and start to work the core muscles (abdominal muscles) including the pelvic floor muscle.  Bhujangasana brings balance, clarity and focus. Energetically the posture allows the body to let go of the past.  The Marjariasana nurtures our qualities of well-being and positivity.

Breathwork   We will be working with the qualities and grounding on the Earth sequence allowing the movements to be lead by the breath.

Relaxation 15 minutes of pure heaven.  A time for the body to heal and re energise – giving your body all the strength and energy it needs for all life challenges.

So please come and join me on WEDNESDAY at 7.30pm at Coronation Hall Boroughbridge £5  Please bring along a mat and blanket.

Small boy, big ocean

Open your heart to all possibilities.


Here and now.



There will be no classes on the following dates 6 Thurs, 10 Mon, 13 Thurs and 17 Mon August 2015.

Last Thursday we practiced a very special Surya Namaskrara (Sun Sequence) for those that wanted the opportunity of being able to continue their yoga practice during this period of no classes. 

This sequence is a well-known and most people will be aware of it in some shape or form. Its versatility makes it an ideal sequence to learn for all abilities. It is a true all-rounder! Physically, it works all the major muscles groups and joints, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists.   It strengthens the core muscles and enhances spine flexibility resulting in a stronger back. Stimulates and balances all systems including reproductive, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and influences endocrine glands.   Focusing on breath during this sequence calms, increases mental clarity and brings fresh oxygenated blood to the brain.  Perfect to do as the sun is rising early in the day or when setting, added bonus if outside – but good at anytime of the day just make sure the stomach is empty for full benefits. Using the vision/presence of the sun as an ever-giving source of light and energy, infusing the body with healing and vitality.


  4. PLANK
  5. COBRA
  7. DOG
  8. RUNNER (left leg back)


Start by standing in tadasana and taking the time to settle and prepare. When ready engage your core muscles bringing the hands together in prayer hand mudra in front of the chest. Breathing in take your hands up and complete with a gentle backbend, on an out breath release into a flowing forward bend. In soft flowing moves return to backward bend, repeat 3 times. Remembering to engage your core muscles and relax the shoulders. Complete the move with a forward bend, placing hands either side of the feet.

Take the right foot back into runner, engaging core muscles straightening the torso, facing forward – settle the body. Placing the left hand on the bent front knee, place the right arm behind the lower back with the palm facing outwards. (see photo below) Take a breath in and extend the spine, on out breath twist to the right making the sure the knee does collapse to the side and stays facing forward. (Ensure knee is over the ankle). Return to the front placing right hand on to the left knee. Release the left arm and place along the lower back with palm facing outwards. Extend the spine on breath in and when releasing the breath twist to the left. Hold for a couple of breaths.   Return on exhalation. Bring your hands down to either side of the feet bending forwards.

Taking weight on to your hands, take the left leg back to form the plank. (Body and legs in a straight line) Slowly lower your body to the mat. Rest for a few breaths.

Refresh the core muscles and lift the upper body into either cobra/sphinx pose. Ensuring navel in connected to the mat and extend the spine without engaging the buttock muscles. Release back down on to the mat.

Rest for a while in Makarasana (crocodile) lying flat on the mat, forehead resting on your hands, legs separated with heals falling inwards. Breath deeply. Release and relax during this moment of stillness.

Curling your toes under ready for movement, push the weight up and back towards thighs as the knees lift off the mat. (You may want to move feet slightly forwards) Allow the hips to raise, lift up on to the toes of the feet. Taking the focus into the extension of the spine, allow the heals to release to the mat. Hold for a couple of breaths. Take a moment to prepare to bring the right leg forward into runner.

Put both hands on the knee and take time to settle the torso into its upright position. Leave the right hand on the right knee, releasing the left hand around the lower back, palm facing outwards. Take a breath in, extend the spine and twist to the left, hold for a couple of breathes. Release the twist repeating to the other side with left hand on right knee, right arm along the lower back, palm facing outwards. Twist to the right. After a couple of breaths release the twist and return to the front.

Bending forwards and placing hands either side of the foot, bring the left leg forward into forward bend. Take a moment to enjoy this inversion. Refresh core muscles and start to slowly rebuild the spine to standing, keep the flow moving by taking the arms above into a soft backward bend. Repeat twice more. Eventually bringing the arms down into prayer hand mudra in front of the heart. Take a moment to scan the body and note any changes or sensations.

Then repeat by taking the left leg back into runner to complete one round.

Do as many rounds as you desire or simply concentrate on each move, taking your time just to honour sequence and your time.  Put on some beautiful music and enjoy loosing yourself within the music and movement.

(see the placement of the arm behind the back, ready for the twist)


UntitledSo many benefits with this posture:

1.  Forward and backward bend – strengthening the back and flexing the spine, make sure you engage your core/abdominal muscles to protect the lower back.

2.  Runner – giving a lovely stretch to psoas muscles situated deep within the anterior hip joint and lower spine – it is the only muscle that connects the upper extremity to the lower … ( Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones) 2012:10)

3.  The twist will help squeeze the digestive system – keeping it regular.

4.  Cobra/Sphinx – strengthens the back, extends the spine and tones the digestive/abdominal area.

5.  Makarasana – balancing the endocrine system and emotions.  It allows all the systems and spine to settle and relax.

6.  Adhomukha Svanasana (Dog) – replenishes vitality. works all the major muscles and joints and allows the body to let go of the past.

7.  Tadasana – allowing the body to calm and bring a sense of well-being after completing the sequence.  Cherish this moment and take time to absorb its gifts.



Why I love yoga …


It’s been a busy week, well in fact it has been a busy time, as you can see that the last blog entry was some time ago.  Working in a small primary school, the end of the Summer is full of events and with limited time there is pressure on to ensure all events are honoured.  The term ended last Friday and the weekend promised rest.  I usually practice my yoga early on Saturday morning but somehow this Saturday I was reluctant to leave my warm cosy bed.  But a mixture of habit and guilt pulled me from my bed.  Without another thought I started to practice my yoga, and opened up the doors and greeted the rising sun and soft breeze.

Within minutes I was smiling and suddenly i knew why I love yoga.  I could have stayed in bed, got up later but I know I would have spent the day feeling grumpy and everything would have simply just gone wrong.  With simple yoga moves, I opened up my body and mind to possibilities, I lighten my load, I gave energy were  there was none and it gifted me a true sense of simply feeing good.  That’s why I love yoga – with a mixture breath and movement  life is so much better.

Join me to experience the same sense of well-being on either Monday, 6.30pm at Naworth House, York Road, Green Hammerton.  The yoga is outside and therefore weather permitting.  Please come dressed in layers to enjoy the full benefits of yoga outside.  Or Thursday, 6.30 – 7.45pm at Green Hammerton Village Hall.


Thurs 6 August

Mon 10 and Thurs 13 august

Mon 17 August





On the 18 June Jenni’s Dru Yoga is one year old.  In order to celebrate this achievment I am donating all proceeds of both the 18 and 22 June classes towards MIND (Harrogate) – improving lives of people with mental health problems.  I will also be holding a raffle to win Dru product prizes such as Stillness in Motion, Dru fitness yoga and Dance between Joy and Pain book.  Also, on the 21 June, United Nations has deemed this day as National Yoga Day, so it seems fitting to have 2 days of celebrations, simply by helping others.  The classes will include some especially beautiful movements bringing us a wonderful sense of well-being.  Please make a special effort to attend one or maybe both classes in support of MIND.  Thank you!


One in four people have a mental health problem.  Often these conditions are hidden from family and friends leaving sufferers feeling isolated and hopeless.  A mental health problem can feel as bad or even worse than any other illness but you simply cannot see it as clearly.  Often people seek help when they are crisis point, MIND can offer support, guidance and advice.

MIND offers this helpful advice to keep mentally healthy.

Connect – making sure you spend time enhancing relationships whether that be family or friends.

Active – walking, exercise class, anything to keep you moving and preferably outside, find something for your fitness level.

Take notice – be more aware of the present moment as simple as noticing the flavours of your food.

Learn – learn a new skill or develop an old hobby.

Give – it feels good to give, connect you and brings you purpose.

Set goals – give yourself something to aim for.

Expressing feelings – talking about your feelings allows you to recover from hurtful experiences.

Facing up to problems – usually the quicker you start dealing with a problem the sooner it goes away.

Harrogate MIND 01423 503335


Let your hopes not your hurts shape your future – Robert Schuller