Why choose Dru?



What can Dru do for me?

Coming from a family of back pain sufferers I know how debilitating the condition can be. Dru can help by increasing the flexibility of the spine, nourishing the discs and strengthening the core muscles. It is unlikely that yoga will provide an overnight cure, even though it is possible to feel benefits immediately. One of its many advantages as a therapy is the absence of side effects.

Dru yoga has a seven point-focus:

Flowing movements – helps to release latent energy

Breath – use your breath to heal or energise yourself

Soft joints – allows your body to move safely

Core stability – helps develop good posture and improves spinal alignment

Spinal wave – natural wave-like movement to the spine brings life and vitality

Spinal twist – improves flexibility of the spine and general well-being

Dru (still) point – enhances deeper body awareness and provides you with all the skills to cope with the stresses of today.

Prove it!

The National Health Service (2014) states that about 8 in 10 people will suffer one of more bouts of non-specific lower back pain. Recent investigations from Dru researchers (Sept 2012) shows that Dru can significantly reduce back pain and stress at work. These are two key reasons for work absences costing the British economy an estimated £17 billion per year.

The study authors (Hartfiel et al 2012) concluded: “Workplace yoga interventions can reduce perceived stress and back pain and improve psychological wellbeing.” The same yoga groups also reported significant improvement in confidence, energy, life satisfaction and wellbeing. They also felt able to deal effectively with stressful situations in the workplace.

At the end of the first session I went back to the office with a much and renewed vigour…


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