What happens?

What usually happens at class?

Activations allow for dynamic, flowing movements providing a safe way to warm up and prepare the body for movements and postures to follow.  It awakes the body, improving circulation and warms up the muscles ready for action.  This usually takes about ten minutes.

Energy Block Release Movements.  Gentle movements work with the joints and muscles in a subtle way releasing energy from the joints and allowing it to flow back out into the external world.  Consider these movements as a process assisting detoxification at every level, providing us with an effective way of dealing with everyday stresses.

Asanas.  This allows us to work at a deeper level both physically and emotionally.   At this stage of the session our bodies are ready and fully prepared to move into a deeper and stronger posture.

Relaxation.  A very important part of the session providing your body the opportunity to deeply relax allowing healing and balancing of all the systems of the body.  Effects of everyday stresses caused from a busy lifestyle can be reduced with only ten to twenty minutes of deep relaxation.  For this stage you may want to bring along a cushion for your head and a favourite blanket.

Meditation.  Some sessions may include a short meditation session.  Giving the opportunity and simple methods to achieve a perfect meditation for you.




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