Dru Yoga


Having always been interested in meditation I decided to go on a weekend retreat in Wales. It was here I encountered Dru Yoga and it was love at first move. Seven years later, I am still in love with it and I am now in a position to share my passion .

Dru Yoga can be adapted to all abilities and fitness levels and complement your existing exercise regime. The simplicity of the moves hides their true power. When they are performed with purpose and awareness great benefits results.

There are many false perconceptions about yoga such as that you need to be flexible, trendy and fit to do it. Even those with limited movement can still reap great benefit. You will be suprised how quickly your body becomes more flexible when you practice gradually.

Dru actually translates as “still point”. It is the north star, the point around which the universe resolves. It is the calm in the eye of the storm and refuge from the stresses and strains of our modern world.

dru-professional-logo-rgbTo find our about Dru Yoga click here.


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