Coming out of the dark …..

Sadly sometimes a door needs to close to allow you to make space for another door to open ….. or as someone said the other day the other door has always been open you just have not seen it.

So it is goodbye to classes at Minskip village hall, a beautiful village hall and I have many happy memories of teaching in this hall.  A very special place.  A big thank you to everyone that came along to support me.  I know some of you intend to come to the classes at Green Hammerton but some hopefully will continue their yoga journey in new places.  Thank you!

I have always taught my yoga classes at night and now I am braving the daylight.  So on Monday 12th March there will be a new class at Green Hammerton village hall at 9.30 until 10.45pm – the same format, same price as Thursdays.  It would be great to see old and new students and should be a great way to start the week!

Coming over the horizon ….. Monthly Maintenance Offer.  If you are registered student of yoga classes you can take advantage of a monthly aromatherapy offer of only £18.  This massage will include the use of essential oils and Reiki but will only work on a specific area of concern and will last 45 minutes.

If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me