Boroughbridge here I come …

A new class in a new area – a mixture of excitement and nerves.  I am so looking forward to introducing Dru yoga to new and old students.  My aim of this first session is to provide everyone with a nurturing class caring for both mind and body.

The class will follow a normal class structure:

Activations Moving the body to lively music getting the body warmed up and ready for the class.

Energy Block Release Movements These movements will work with the joints and muscles in a subtle way, releasing blocked energy and tension.

Postures We will be focusing on our core muscles with the Bhujangasana (Cobra) and Marjariasana (Cat).  Both of these postures are excellent for the spine and start to work the core muscles (abdominal muscles) including the pelvic floor muscle.  Bhujangasana brings balance, clarity and focus. Energetically the posture allows the body to let go of the past.  The Marjariasana nurtures our qualities of well-being and positivity.

Breathwork   We will be working with the qualities and grounding on the Earth sequence allowing the movements to be lead by the breath.

Relaxation 15 minutes of pure heaven.  A time for the body to heal and re energise – giving your body all the strength and energy it needs for all life challenges.

So please come and join me on WEDNESDAY at 7.30pm at Coronation Hall Boroughbridge £5  Please bring along a mat and blanket.

Small boy, big ocean

Open your heart to all possibilities.