Alternate Nostril Breath

NADI SODHANAM – Alternate Nostril Breath.

This is probably the most well-known pranayama technique. It requires little previous experience but can deliver a dramatic effect. The way we breathe through nostrils relates to the two hemispheres of our brain. We can identify which side of the brain is active by the power of the breath coming out of each nostril. If there is a stronger flow of air through the right nostril that will indicate that the alternative brain hemisphere (left) is dominant. The left side (right nostril) of the brain is concerned with mathematical reasoning, studying, debating and so on. The right side (left nostril) of the brain is concerned with creative, calm work, working with shapes, non-verbal communication and so on.

‘It is said that when we can control the flow of breath in the nostrils then we can control our mind’ Dru Manual

The aim of the Nadi Sodhanam breath is to balance both left and right hemispheres of the brain bringing calmness and preparing for relaxation, meditation or even a good nights sleep.


  1. Make sure you are sitting comfortably either cross-legged on the floor or on a chair. Ensure the spine is straight and the pelvis is forward and not slouching back. Shoulders relaxed.
  2. Using your right hand position your right thumb near you’re the bottom of your right nostril, middle fingers on your brow and little finger by the left nostril. Your right arm and elbow should stay in midline of the body (this will prevent your head moving to the right).
  3. With your little finger close off your left nostril. Breathe in through youImage 1r right nostril.
  4. At the end of your breath close off the right nostril with your thumb at the same time release your left nostril and breath out.
  5. Breath in through your left nostril. At the end of the in breath close off the left nostril and breathe out of your right nostril.
  6. Continue this cycle again and build up to 5 minutes.
  7. Once completed seat for a moment and return to your natural breath.




If you feel uncomfortable at anytime stop and return to natural breathing. It is probably better that you do not practice this breath during a cold even though I have practiced this breath during a cold and found it to unblock my nostrils and relieved my breathing.

The technique can be used during stressful times, before an important event where you need to calm yourself or when suffering insomnia.


(If the arm gets tired you can always hold the elbow with the other hand)





While I was reading through past posts on my blog I came across ‘Why I Love yoga’ written during the summer time. On a cold winters day it warmed my soul to read.   And reminded me of the simple pleasures of doing something you love. This is always the time of year we look to embrace new ways for a better life. Why not take this time to look at what you love to do and reawaken that joy and pleasure? Here’s the article again for those that did not read it the first time. (see below right)                                                                      Jennix

It’s been a busy week. Well in fact it has been a busy time, as you can see that the last blog entry was some time ago.  Working in a small primary school, the end of the Summer is full of events and with limited time, there is pressure on to ensure all events are honoured.  The term ended last Friday and the weekend promised rest.  I usually practice my yoga early on Saturday mornings but somehow this Saturday I was reluctant to leave my warm cosy bed.  But a mixture of habit and guilt pulled me from it.  

Without another thought I started to practice my yoga, and opened up the doors and greeted the rising sun and soft breeze. Within minutes I was smiling and suddenly i knew why I love yoga.

 I could have stayed in bed, got up later but I know I would have spent the day feeling grumpy and everything would have simply just gone wrong.  With flowing yoga moves, I opened up my body and mind to possibilities, I lightened my load, It gave energy where there was none and also a gift of peace and calm.  That’s why I love yoga – through a mixture breath and movement life is so much better.



Thursdays – at Green Hammerton village hall at 6.30pm until 7.45pm

Future Classes

Thursdays – at Green Hammerton village hall at 8pm until 9.15pm starting on 4th Feb 2016.

Mondays – Outdoor yoga starting in May at Naworth House, Green Hammerton at 6.30pm until 7.45pm

All classes £4 per class – no booking required

I need help in finding suitable venues for other classes. Do you know somewhere that would be an ideal, inspirational, ‘different’ venue for a yoga class; a barn, a shop or even a rooftop (summertime). I am looking for places that provide natural light, warmth, easy access and the unusual. If you know of such a space please email 



Image 1

Benefits – helps to lengthen and release the spine. This posture provides a secure resting place and can be used between movements or independently, bringing a sense of security and inner peace.

Considerations – careful with hips and knees (modifications available).

From kneeling position, bend forwards bringing your forehead to the floor close to your knees. Arms can be either stretched out in front or laying by the side of the body.


If this is uncomfortable for the forehead to reach the floor bring the hands into a fist and place the forehead on to the top of one or two fists. Or rest on a bolster or pile of blankets.  You can also place cushions/bolster between the hips and heels which will also make the high kneeling position more comfortable too.

Rest in this posture for several minutes

To come out, place your hands under your shoulders and push back to high kneeling position and take a moment to settle.

Out and about – Om Yoga Show will take place at Event City, Manchester on 20th – 22nd May 2016

Classes in Jan and Feb will focus on reducing stress with simple flowing movements, improving flexibility in the spine and strengthening core stability. Emotionally we will focus on the lower chakras increasing our sense of security and letting go of any tension and fears.

Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me ‘Be still’ they say ‘Watch and listen you are the result of the love of thousands.’                Linda Hogan

cliff bird