Why I love yoga …


It’s been a busy week, well in fact it has been a busy time, as you can see that the last blog entry was some time ago.  Working in a small primary school, the end of the Summer is full of events and with limited time there is pressure on to ensure all events are honoured.  The term ended last Friday and the weekend promised rest.  I usually practice my yoga early on Saturday morning but somehow this Saturday I was reluctant to leave my warm cosy bed.  But a mixture of habit and guilt pulled me from my bed.  Without another thought I started to practice my yoga, and opened up the doors and greeted the rising sun and soft breeze.

Within minutes I was smiling and suddenly i knew why I love yoga.  I could have stayed in bed, got up later but I know I would have spent the day feeling grumpy and everything would have simply just gone wrong.  With simple yoga moves, I opened up my body and mind to possibilities, I lighten my load, I gave energy were  there was none and it gifted me a true sense of simply feeing good.  That’s why I love yoga – with a mixture breath and movement  life is so much better.

Join me to experience the same sense of well-being on either Monday, 6.30pm at Naworth House, York Road, Green Hammerton.  The yoga is outside and therefore weather permitting.  Please come dressed in layers to enjoy the full benefits of yoga outside.  Or Thursday, 6.30 – 7.45pm at Green Hammerton Village Hall.


Thurs 6 August

Mon 10 and Thurs 13 august

Mon 17 August