Happy Yoga Day


It is great to have attention shine its’ light on to yoga in the form  of United Nations Yoga Day on Sunday 21 June.  It was wonderful to see everyone all over the world joining in by honouring their practice and the true gifts of yoga in all its forms.

Yoga is for everyone … Its benefits and gifts are for all of us.  All true yoga practice is inclusive, nurturing and healing.  Existing from a place of love and respect, it is hard to resist its power and grace.

In the western world, yoga postures are seen as the complete yoga but there is far more depth and understanding not only behind the postures (asanas) but also in addition such as relaxation, meditation, breathing and life beliefs.  If you are looking for a self help system that reaches all parts of bodily and mind systems do not look any further than yoga.  It also has stood the test of time being in existence for thousands of years and formed before any religions started to separate us.

Take a daily moment to still the mind, a smile to a stranger, a small act of kindness (a cup of tea made by someone else always tastes better even if you do not like tea!), helping someone without looking for praise, daily practice of asanas, focusing your attention to help a friend in need, appreciation of the simple things in life, personal development and so one – it is all yoga.  Yoga brings you to the point of self realisation – where you see the beauty and joy in everything and truly understand that when you act from a position of love rather than fear all your needs are met.  You will never be alone or in need, for you realise that you simply have it all.




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