On the 18 June Jenni’s Dru Yoga is one year old.  In order to celebrate this achievment I am donating all proceeds of both the 18 and 22 June classes towards MIND (Harrogate) – improving lives of people with mental health problems.  I will also be holding a raffle to win Dru product prizes such as Stillness in Motion, Dru fitness yoga and Dance between Joy and Pain book.  Also, on the 21 June, United Nations has deemed this day as National Yoga Day, so it seems fitting to have 2 days of celebrations, simply by helping others.  The classes will include some especially beautiful movements bringing us a wonderful sense of well-being.  Please make a special effort to attend one or maybe both classes in support of MIND.  Thank you!


One in four people have a mental health problem.  Often these conditions are hidden from family and friends leaving sufferers feeling isolated and hopeless.  A mental health problem can feel as bad or even worse than any other illness but you simply cannot see it as clearly.  Often people seek help when they are crisis point, MIND can offer support, guidance and advice.

MIND offers this helpful advice to keep mentally healthy.

Connect – making sure you spend time enhancing relationships whether that be family or friends.

Active – walking, exercise class, anything to keep you moving and preferably outside, find something for your fitness level.

Take notice – be more aware of the present moment as simple as noticing the flavours of your food.

Learn – learn a new skill or develop an old hobby.

Give – it feels good to give, connect you and brings you purpose.

Set goals – give yourself something to aim for.

Expressing feelings – talking about your feelings allows you to recover from hurtful experiences.

Facing up to problems – usually the quicker you start dealing with a problem the sooner it goes away.

Harrogate MIND 01423 503335 www.mindharrogate.org.uk


Let your hopes not your hurts shape your future – Robert Schuller



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