Sitting still has never been so powerful – meditation


Meditation is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress, boosting the immune system and even looking younger (without surgery).

There are many definitions of meditations made by many, so here is my definition “To be still in the moment and to turn your sight inwards to connect with your inner self” I have always been intrigued by mediation and the possibility of reaping all the benefits such as well-being and accepting of all life situations. After taking ‘pot luck’ from the web search I chose a weekend retreat in Wales at the Dru centre. After the weekend I realized how simple it was and with a few simple principles I was able to start demystifying and reaping the benefits. Meditation is different from relaxation – meditation requires you to have the balance of being alert and relaxed at the same time. For this to happen you need to be aware of some simple alignment points such as:

  • You can sit either on a chair, floor or against a wall
  • Check that the vertebrae is aligned and the spine held erect
  • Chest is open and not restricted
  • Weight is evenly distributed between the right and left sides
  • You are able to maintain this position comfortably for at least 10 mins

Simply by focusing on your breath, the mind starts to become still. Give yourself permission just ‘to be’ in this moment, accept any noises or possible distractions. Let go of any thoughts or concerns by releasing them by deep exhalation – release them and let go!

‘Meditation – the art of simply being with yourself. Let’s give ourselves this chance to taste the sweetness…. Of ourselves … of this moment…’ John Jones Senior Director of International Dru Yoga


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