Happy Yoga Day


It is great to have attention shine its’ light on to yoga in the form  of United Nations Yoga Day on Sunday 21 June.  It was wonderful to see everyone all over the world joining in by honouring their practice and the true gifts of yoga in all its forms.

Yoga is for everyone … Its benefits and gifts are for all of us.  All true yoga practice is inclusive, nurturing and healing.  Existing from a place of love and respect, it is hard to resist its power and grace.

In the western world, yoga postures are seen as the complete yoga but there is far more depth and understanding not only behind the postures (asanas) but also in addition such as relaxation, meditation, breathing and life beliefs.  If you are looking for a self help system that reaches all parts of bodily and mind systems do not look any further than yoga.  It also has stood the test of time being in existence for thousands of years and formed before any religions started to separate us.

Take a daily moment to still the mind, a smile to a stranger, a small act of kindness (a cup of tea made by someone else always tastes better even if you do not like tea!), helping someone without looking for praise, daily practice of asanas, focusing your attention to help a friend in need, appreciation of the simple things in life, personal development and so one – it is all yoga.  Yoga brings you to the point of self realisation – where you see the beauty and joy in everything and truly understand that when you act from a position of love rather than fear all your needs are met.  You will never be alone or in need, for you realise that you simply have it all.







On the 18 June Jenni’s Dru Yoga is one year old.  In order to celebrate this achievment I am donating all proceeds of both the 18 and 22 June classes towards MIND (Harrogate) – improving lives of people with mental health problems.  I will also be holding a raffle to win Dru product prizes such as Stillness in Motion, Dru fitness yoga and Dance between Joy and Pain book.  Also, on the 21 June, United Nations has deemed this day as National Yoga Day, so it seems fitting to have 2 days of celebrations, simply by helping others.  The classes will include some especially beautiful movements bringing us a wonderful sense of well-being.  Please make a special effort to attend one or maybe both classes in support of MIND.  Thank you!


One in four people have a mental health problem.  Often these conditions are hidden from family and friends leaving sufferers feeling isolated and hopeless.  A mental health problem can feel as bad or even worse than any other illness but you simply cannot see it as clearly.  Often people seek help when they are crisis point, MIND can offer support, guidance and advice.

MIND offers this helpful advice to keep mentally healthy.

Connect – making sure you spend time enhancing relationships whether that be family or friends.

Active – walking, exercise class, anything to keep you moving and preferably outside, find something for your fitness level.

Take notice – be more aware of the present moment as simple as noticing the flavours of your food.

Learn – learn a new skill or develop an old hobby.

Give – it feels good to give, connect you and brings you purpose.

Set goals – give yourself something to aim for.

Expressing feelings – talking about your feelings allows you to recover from hurtful experiences.

Facing up to problems – usually the quicker you start dealing with a problem the sooner it goes away.

Harrogate MIND 01423 503335 www.mindharrogate.org.uk


Let your hopes not your hurts shape your future – Robert Schuller


Thank you to both nature and being!


Thank you to those that joined me in the garden to enjoy some flowing movements outside. Thank you to the sun for shining when it looked so distant just before the class, Thank you for the wind for gently whispering rather than howling in our ears.  Thank you to the clouds and rain for leaving us alone to enjoy our peace and calm.  Thank you to the blue sky for bringing us closer to ourselves.

Dru yoga in the garden every Monday, 6.30pm until 7.30pm.  Please come dressed in layers and warmer clothes than you think.  You can always take layers off.  If it is raining presume the class is off but you can always ring to make sure.  01423 331396

Never under-estimate the powers of doing relatively simple moves enhanced with purpose and breath outside – its simplicity hides its strength.

Please remember NO class this Thursday (11th) but classes as usual next week.


Sitting still has never been so powerful – meditation


Meditation is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress, boosting the immune system and even looking younger (without surgery).

There are many definitions of meditations made by many, so here is my definition “To be still in the moment and to turn your sight inwards to connect with your inner self” I have always been intrigued by mediation and the possibility of reaping all the benefits such as well-being and accepting of all life situations. After taking ‘pot luck’ from the web search I chose a weekend retreat in Wales at the Dru centre. After the weekend I realized how simple it was and with a few simple principles I was able to start demystifying and reaping the benefits. Meditation is different from relaxation – meditation requires you to have the balance of being alert and relaxed at the same time. For this to happen you need to be aware of some simple alignment points such as:

  • You can sit either on a chair, floor or against a wall
  • Check that the vertebrae is aligned and the spine held erect
  • Chest is open and not restricted
  • Weight is evenly distributed between the right and left sides
  • You are able to maintain this position comfortably for at least 10 mins

Simply by focusing on your breath, the mind starts to become still. Give yourself permission just ‘to be’ in this moment, accept any noises or possible distractions. Let go of any thoughts or concerns by releasing them by deep exhalation – release them and let go!

‘Meditation – the art of simply being with yourself. Let’s give ourselves this chance to taste the sweetness…. Of ourselves … of this moment…’ John Jones Senior Director of International Dru Yoga