Thursday Class – unforeseen circumstances

Sadly there will be NO class on Thursday 11 June.  I am sorry for the short notice, it’s down to those unforeseen circumstances!

Small boy, big ocean


Last 8pm Monday class, or is it?

I realise that moving the 8pm to 6.30pm on Monday is not ideal for everyone. Sorry!   As the new session is outside I need to take advantage of the early evening light.

During the summer time, I will think about adding a late class but maybe this time at 7.30pm as some have expressed that 8pm is too late.  I will try to find a balance.  In the meantime, please keep updated by visiting this blog and/or reading the monthly newsletters available at class.

The LAST 8pm Monday class will be this Monday (18 May).  The new class ‘in the garden’ will be on Monday 1 June at 6.30pm at Naworth House, York Road, Green Hammerton.  YO26 8BN  (Look out for the sign).

Please let me know your comments.

Namaste,   Jenni



Breath of fresh air …


Dru Yoga in the Garden

Being outside can enhance our yoga by helping us to focus awareness, breathe deeply and practice stillness.  Many yoga sequences and asanas reflect nature such as the sun sequence, tree, cobra and so on.  Practising outside naturally increases their intensity.

Some benefits: Practising on uneven ground builds up muscles as your body needs to work harder to balance and align.  Spending time in nature is proven as a consistent remedy for some mental illnesses.  Contact of bare skin with earth has been shown to reduce inflammation and stress according to authors of ‘Earthing: the most important health discovery ever.’  Studies have shown that spending several hours in nature can increase immunity and lower the stress hormone cortisol.

With all these benefits it is worth experiencing it for yourself!   Dru Yoga sessions every Monday during the months of June, July and August – weather permitting. 6.30pm – 7.45pm  £4 per class, no booking required.  Please bring along a mat and blanket and dress appropriate to the weather.  Venue: Naworth House, York Road, Green Hammerton, York Y026 8BN



We are surrounded by things that are able to help us, to heal us, to energise us, to give us strength in times of weakness – all you need to do is ask.






As one door closes, look out for the door that opens.


In every ending is ….   a new beginning

I am in the process of organising a new and exciting yoga class.  I am trying to keep quiet until everything has been arranged and then I will be able to tell you everything.  It includes the best of both worlds, the therapeutic qualities of Dru yoga and natures true life force of doing yoga outside.

Full details coming shortly and look out for posters.