Blencathra 3

Remember that your deepest fears guard your greatest strengths            Unknown


On Bank Holiday Monday (4th May) there will be the usual class at 8pm.  So please come along to enjoy some peace and calm away from the election!

On Thursday (7th) due to village hall being used as a polling station there will be NO class but will return the following week (14th).  If you think you will miss your weekly fix, please come and join in with the Monday class.



Trying to be something you are not.

IMG_0123 Trying to be something you are not. Trying to be someone for the sake of others, it can be sensed, felt and avoided. If people do not ‘get it’ and you feel a sense of frustration, realise that it belongs to them and not you. They are frustrated as they have not found what they are looking for, that does not mean you are inadequate or wrong, it is just that it is not for them.  Sometimes they have to make excuses to justify their decision.  For those who are wise they accept its value but realise it is not for them.  They thank you and move on. If you keep to your aim, your path and your strength and not waive because of other preconceptions, you will never be alone.  Remember they are in the wrong place not you.

Working on our inner acceptance and core!


The sun is out and it is lovely to see the light mornings and evenings but still could we have a warmer wind. ‘We are never right.’ I can hear my Mum say.

I am like that with myself, I wish I was thinner, fitter, more organized and so on. What a waste of time! Negative thought is such a energy stealer and it would be far better use of time to look at the positives. By pure accident, this Thursday class will be looking at “self acceptance’ by learning the beautiful Dru sequence, the “Seat of Compassion’.

While practicing the Seat of Compassion, the spine will become more flexible and the core muscles* will be strengthened by providing stability and movement throughout this sequence. This self-caring movement provides us with the emotional insight into individual self acceptance, allowing us to appreciate our own unique and special qualities. And also provides us with the pure essence of compassion as it works deeply within the heart chakra, allowing us to experience joy, love and compassion.

At Monday class, we will be focusing on the Core muscles. Correct use of these muscles is essential to maintaining good alignment and providing a strong and stable trunk. The *core muscles consist of the following muscles:

  • Transversus abdominis – this is the deepest front muscle and its important role in stabilising the body.
  • Lumbar multifidus – works together with the transversus abdominis to provide a ‘muscle corset’ and are situated at the back along the lumbar spine (lower back).
  • Pelvic Floor – these muscles make up the lower base of the muscle corset. It is important these muscles stay healthy and strong to cope with intra-abdominal pressure. The pelvic floor and the diaphragm move together, so correct breathing is essential for pelvic floor function. Correct pelvic alignment with spine elongated is the best way to tone the pelvic floor muscles and automatically switches on the inner postural muscles.



Om Yoga Show at Event City, Manchester on 15,16, and 17 May 2015. For more details go to: You will find a Dru stand at this event and will also be able to join in with some classes. It is also a great opportunity to find out about other yoga practices etc.


There will be a yoga class on Monday 4th May (Bank Holiday).

On Thursday 7th May, there will be NO yoga class as the hall is being used as a polling venue.

Easter is over, back to work.




I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and managed to spend time with family and friends.

Thursday class resumes tomorrow (9th) with a gentle, calming class.  I have no doubt you have done lots of yoga during the break but just in case you have not, we are going to start gently, flexing the spine, opening up the chest and balancing our emotions.  This week’s session will focus on the Chandra Namaskara (Salutation to the Moon).  This sequence brings qualities of peace, calmness and tranquility.  The moon is a powerful force behind the tides and movement of the oceans and rivers.   Our bodies are 70% water and therefore it is easy to recognise the influence it has on us.  It is a perfect for balancing the hormones and harmonising our emotional responses – especially good for women experiencing the menopause.  We will finish the class with a relaxation followed by a quick mediation to set us up Springtime.

If you would like to experience some calm, peace and rest please come along – no need to book.  Your body deserves it!   Bring a mat and blanket, even though they are available.  Thursday, 6.30 -7.45pm £4