Where is the sun?


Before the Easter break, the Monday class had been working towards doing the Surya Namaskara (Sun Sequence).

Surya Namaskara gives a complete workout for the whole body and is a great sequence to practice if time is limited. Revitalizing the whole body and supporting all bodily systems makes this time well invested.  The sun is our primary source of energy and light and therefore practicing this wonderful sequence early in the morning when the sun and energy is rising makes it extremelly powerful and beneficial.

Here is a reminder of the sequence practiced by the Monday class:


1.  Take a moment to stand in Tadasana – feet hip distance apart, pelvis in alignment, shoulders relaxed and crown uppermost.  Take your focus to the soles of your feet and allow yourself to feel a connection with the earth.  Visualise the sun rising and a sense of warmth and energy it brings.  Bringing your hands together into the praying hand mudra in front of your chest, take this moment as your time, just to be.

2.  As you breathe in rise your arms up and allow a gentle backward bend.  Breathing out bring the arms down into a forward bend.  Repeat this movement slowly and with purpose twice more.

3. Place your hands either side and take your right leg back into a secure runner.  Breathe in and allow your arms to flow upwards to a gentle backward bend.  Release your arms down and allow them to move backwards as you bend the body down over your front knee.  Repeat this movement twice more.

4.  Plank – Brining your arms down and place them either side of the front foot.  Take the left foot back and form the plank – switch your core on!  Take your body down to the mat by lowering your chest.  Take a couple of deep breaths in preparation.

5.  Cobra – move you hands under your shoulders and lift into Cobra. Release the elbows and return the body to the mat.  Again take a couple of breaths.

6.  Dog – Tuck your toes under and raise up into the Dog.  Allow your spine to extend before releasing your heals towards the mat.  Enjoy the strength and energy this posture provides.

7.  Runner – Step forward with the right foot, relaxing your left knee and foot to the mat.  Again repeat the flowing movements of the arms, up into gentle backbend and down gracefully bowing to the earth over your front bent knee.  Repeat twice more.

8.  Forward bend – Softly bending your knees, engaging your core muscles, slowly uncurl your spine and allow your arms to continue up to overhead stretch.  Return to a relax forward bend – repeat the process twice more slowly.

9.  Namaste – bring you hands into namaste and take this moment to feel the effects of this posture.  REPEAT AGAIN ON THE LEFT SIDE.

Practice this sequence regularly and unfold the many gifts it has to offer.



The Thursday class is now focusing on stronger postures and we are now moving on to discover the benefits of trikonasana (triangles), virabhadrasana (warriors) and bhimas.  We will be working towards the Inner Fire sequence, focusing on our inner resources and how these hidden treasures can help us with everyday life.






Jenni’s Dru

Within your weaknesses, find your strength

Within your strength, find your path

Within your path, find yourself.


“Come along to a class, and let the journey begin.”

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