Looking forward…….

IMG_0045I am looking forward to welcoming everyone to the new class on Monday at 8pm.  It is a great session if you have no experience of doing Dru yoga and would like to have a go.  If you are a regular to Dru, then you will be very welcome to come along.  There are many false preconceptions about yoga such as that you need to be flexible, trendy and fit to do it.  Dru yoga can be adapted to all levels of fitness.  Even those with limited movement can reap great benefit.  It can also work as part of a fitness regime, providing the healing, realignment and balance after strenuous work outs or sports activities.  The introduction of purpose and awareness to the Dru moves and the presence of breath work can bring many benefits to regular sports players, providing them with a workout for the mind a well as the body. The simplicity of the Dru moves hides their true power when done with focus and awareness.

Many of my students have commented that their muscles/body are more relaxed after sessions and experience a good nights sleep.

It may not be as strenuous as some workouts but it is equally difficult as in this fast pace life, the moves and breath work mean you have to slow down and focus – not easy if you are living life in the fast lane.  But your body will reap the rewards if given the chance to simply slow down.  You will create more energy as you will be able to breathe more deeply.  You will be able to deal with stressful situations more effectively.  Your physical body will be protected from stress-related illnesses, relaxing and calming the mind.  Your concentration will increase.  Your general emotional well-being and happiness will be enhanced.  The list is endless but I am sure you get the picture.  Sadly like most good things It does not happen over night, and one session does not last a life time, it is something you need to do regularly to reap all the benefits.  The Dru sequences/moves are very practicable and can fit into everyday life.  The benefits of joining a class is you will be able to pick tips and advice that can provide you with a Dru toolkit to use in your everyday life, doing moves to reduce headaches, back pain, stiff joints etc.

So give Dru a go… it will be the best investment for your body and mind you can make!


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