Next Class – Thurs 8th Jan 2015

The next class will be on Thursday 8th January 2015 as we start the new year with calmness and purpose.  This session has been designed to reawaken the body after the Christmas and New Year celebrations.  Nothing too vigorious yet a quiet, deeper strength to stretch our lungs and twist our spine.  Remembering healthy spine equals healthy life.  Opening up our body to all the possibilities of the new year by bringing us simply back to the present so we can see clearly our future goals.  The session will include;

1.  Activations – movements to warm up the body getting the circulation moving and giving the muscles a lovely supply of blood.

2.  Energy Block Release – movements especially designed to remove any tension held by the body.  This session will be focusing on stretching and flexing the spine helping our mobility and digestion.

3.  The marjariasana (cat) – this posture will help our flexibility of the spine and also ensure a good workout for the abdominal muscles

4.  Prithvi Namaskara (earth sequence) – providing us with calmness and peace to face any stressful situation with clarity and balance.

5.  Relaxation – a time to deeply relax the body and mind.  Also allowing self healing to take place and emotional balance ensuring we are ready for anything.

So hope to see you at the class at Green Hammerton village hall at 6.30pm until 7.45pm

£4 no booking required.  For further information please contact me:      01423 331396  or make a comment


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