A year of new beginnings …..

And one day you will realise that your weaknesses were your strengths hiding behind fear.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year  – also, I hope you found moments to nurture and rest yourself during this seasonal time.

January is always considered the time to make resolutions and new habits but we also must be aware we are seasonally still in a time of hibernation.  That’s probably why most New Year resolutions are broken.  So if you are uninspired to set resolutions, you could be tuning into the natural rhythms of life and these connections with nature will often keep you healthy and wise.
With this in mind classes start alittle later than others…..
Weekly Dru yoga classes start:-
Mondays, 14th Jan, 9.30 until 10.45am
Thursdays, 17th Jan, 6.30 until 7.45pm
No need to book – £6 per person – loyalty scheme every tenth class is FREE.  If you have a mat and blanket please bring along.
If you would like to prepay – payment before or due the date of the first class, you pay only £5 per class plus loyalty free class.  If you are already part of this scheme you will have received a separate email regarding your account. Spring term – 11 weeks advance payment of £50.  Can pay by cheque or BACS  (Cheque payable to Jenni Kirkwood)  Any classes not attended will either be credited for the next term or refunded.
Additional information for Thursdays class ONLY:
On the following dates there will be a meditation class instead of the usual Dru yoga class. – 21st Feb, 28th March, 30th May, 27th June, 25th July, 26th Sept, 31st Oct and 5th Dec.  (No need to book)
Candle Light Meditation 
Thursday 10th January 2019, 6.30 until 7.45pm
£6 – if you are interested and have not contacted me, please do so to book your place.  Suitable for all abilities.  This class will include body movements, relaxation and guided meditation.
2019 is all about new beginnings and each class throughout the year will  focus on what will support, challenge and nurture our body, mind and spirit during this amazing year (hence the inclusion of the meditation classes).



Starting the year the right way…..

Candle Light Meditation on Thursday 10th January, 6.30pm – 7.45pm at Green Hammerton village hall.

People often make New Year’s resolutions at this time of year but some find it a waste of time or resolutions are quickly broken.  We have a natural reflective period at this time of year – Christmas often focuses the mind on those that are not with us or the changes that have happen over the year.  Reflection should not be a reminder of our losses but also about what we have gained and the lessons we have learnt.  Making resolutions sometimes fails to acknowledges the gifts of knowledge and opportunities that are hidden in our life challenges.  We are often lost to know how to honour this time, so that we can let go of what we no longer need and also to step forward into a new year with joy and openness.  If you recognise that this may be what you need to do, then this special meditation could be for you.  This session includes body movements, focus on calming breath, relaxation and guided meditation to give you the opportunity to let go with grace and step forward feeling enlighten and ready to go!


If you wish to book a place please get in touch jennidruyoga@gmail.com or text 07546 295968

Please bring along a yoga mat, blanket and some water.  Suitable for all abilities.

£6 per person




Candle Light Meditation

Thursday, 6th December 2018, 6.30pm until 7.45pm  (£6)  Green Hammerton village hall                             

This beautiful class will give you the opportunity to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the Christmas period.  Celebrated this Christmas time with calming the mind, allowing the body to offload any stresses both emotionally and physically and allowing yourself to take a different focus to enjoy this time.

What will I expect:

  • Graceful moves to help the physical body to release stresses and tension held within the physical lines.
  • To relax the body and mind to help restore, re-balance and heal the body.
  • To experience a guided meditation as a group practice.  I find meditating with a group far more powerful and easier than by myself.
  • This class is suitable for all abilities – whether you are experienced or just a beginner.

It is advisable for those new to meditating that you sit on a chair.  If you are not familiar with sitting cross-legged then it will be extremely uncomfortable for you to sit any longer than 5 minutes.

Please bring along a yoga mat, blanket, water and any props you may use for meditating.

This special event has limited spaces so please book your place by emailing jennidruyoga@gmail.com or text 07546295968

Please note there is another candle light meditation on Thursday 10th January. Watch out for a blog post explaining more.


Yoga or Pilates?

I often hear ‘I have been advised to do either Yoga or Pilates, not sure which one to choose.’  

Yoga and Pilates are often partnered together and sometimes you can experience classes where the teacher fuses the two disciplines together.   The following is my brief explanation of my own personal experience of both disciplines, to try and help those that need to make a choice.

I came to Pilates long before I became seriously interested in Dru yoga and attended classes for over 10 years and loved it.  During my pregnancy I suffered from Carpal Tunnel syndrome and had read that Pilates could help with this problem.  And so it did with the help of taking some supplements, my symptoms disappeared naturally.  As time went on I knew I needed something more but what? I had always been interested in meditation so decided to go on a weekend retreat to Wales (found through the internet).  It was on this weekend that I first experienced Dru yoga and the rest as they say is history.  I had tried yoga previously but simply did not get it, now I did and it made me hungry to know more.  For awhile I continued to do both Pilates and yoga but then I enrolled on a teacher training course and now my time was consumed by learning and practising yoga.

From that experience I will summarise the differences between Pilates and yoga:

  • Pilates is more of a physical practice and focuses on strengthening the core muscles being beneficial to the back and posture.
  • Some will argue that Pilates incorporates mind and spirit but I did not share that experience.  It was great for my physical body but did not create the depth of work within the subtle body that I get from yoga.  I wanted to work beyond the physical lines to help me cope with life challenges.
  • There are different styles within yoga that can be more physical, controlled and deliberate such as Ashtanga, Bikram (hot yoga), Iyengar (precise body alignment) and gym yoga.  Others like Kundalini focus on breathing techniques, movement, chanting and mantras.  Dru yoga is based upon soft, flowing movements, controlled breathing and visualisation. Dru yoga is both a graceful form of exercise and a potent means of stress relief. Within these disciplines there will be subtle differences between the teaching styles as they will represent the important presence of each unique teacher.
  • To get the right class for you whether that be yoga or Pilates you may need to do some detective work to see what suits you.  Often the decision is made by the practicalities of timing and venue of the class.  Most teachers are very happy to give you additional information or even to offer a trial class.
  • I can often tell during class whether students are needing a more physical class as connecting with subtle layers can be very difficult.   Obviously I would argue that it is vital in our present day lives to experience this deeper level of being as most of our dis-eases are create from a sense of disconnection and lack of a sense of belonging.
  • Doing any form of exercise is better than sitting on the sofa and doing nothing.  Do something that lights you up, that brings pleasure, that creates movement and flow with the body and you cannot go wrong.  Be creative dancing to your favourite song in the kitchen or going for a walk in nature, can be great fun so do not be limited by the thought you must attend a class.

If this has left you wanting more information let me know.


Autumn Dru Yoga Classes

Dru Yoga classes, just for you!

After a Summer break Dru yoga classes return at Green Hammerton village hall with a daytime and evening class.  Monday’s class starts at 9.30am until 10.45am and the first Autumn class will be on 3rd September.  Thursday’s class starts at 6.30pm until 7.45pm and the first class for this season is 6th September.  There is no need to book just come along to enjoy.  Each class is £6 and for regular attendees you can take advantage on the loyalty scheme – attend nine classes get your tenth free.  For more information please click on CLASSES above or contact me jennidruyoga@gmail.com

Some Dru moves for stress…


Family Yoga

Bookings are required by Monday 16th July.  I am away for this weekend in Wales making the final plans for these sessions.  I will reply to any further bookings by email on Monday on my return, so please do not worry if you do not hear from me immediately.  So looking forward to meeting all the families that have already booked.

Give yourself a Christmas gift that will last a lifetime.

Do you want to learn to meditate?  But you do not have the time to attend a regular class.  Or you may want to improve your meditation practice.  Be more in control of how you respond to life and it’s challenges.  Then this is the course for you.  Dru Meditation Course starting in October 2018 – 5 training days spread over 3 months.

Benefit from teachings of inspiration Dru senior teachers that can guide and enhance your personal journey.  If you want a deeper understanding of how meditation

One Saturday every 3-4 weeks – 10.30 – 4.30pm

13 October 2018, 3 November, 24 November, 15 December, 19 January 2019

For more details please click meditation above




Family Yoga – what do I need to do if I am interested…

I have been delighted by the interest in these classes, so I wanted to explain alittle more about what will be included and what to do next if you are interested.

I am so excited to offer these classes and aim to make them fun, informative and life enhancing for the whole family.  Inspired by Lisa Miller, PH.D (The Spiritual Child: 2015) states ‘Spirituality is an untapped resource in our understanding of human development, resilience and illness, and health and healing.  The absence of support for children’s spiritual growth has contributed to alarming rates of childhood and adolescent emotional suffering and behaviours that put them at risk.’  

Please do not be worried by the term spirituality, for me it taps in to the natural resource we all have access to but over the years of living in this modern culture we have lost that ability to connect to it.  Children are natural spiritual beings excited about the world around them, eager to find out more and ready to engage with it.  We, as parents/teachers need to listen more and help our young ones be curious and use their inner resources to fulfil their true potential.

The classes will introduce you to simple techniques that as a family can be used to reconnect you to a happier and healthier life.  

  • Dru movements can be used to support the immune system, relax the nervous system and facilitate the physical body to let go of emotional tightness.
  • Breathing techniques such as the pigeon breath can help us breath more deeply, help asthma sufferers and helps support our immune system against illnesses.
  • Focus work/meditation is a lifetime gem.  This super power does so much and there is lots of evidence to support its health benefits.  From my experience it increases your resilience to deal with any stressful situation, it supports your bodies healing system and it simply makes you feel younger and happier!
  • Relaxation gives your body the opportunity to heal, restore and re balance.
  • Each class connects with each other to build on your experience and enhance your practice therefore it is beneficial to book as many classes as you can.  At the first class you will be given a welcome pack full of goodies and information.  Included will be your own journal to enable you as a family to create a beautiful keepsake with inspirational cards, affirmations, gifts and your own thoughts, so your yoga journey does not have to end in August 2018.  I will be sharing my aromatherapy knowledge for each of us to make our own de stressing potions.

What do I do if I am interested?  Email me at jennidruyoga@gmail.com and I will email you with a registration form.   Please return the form by 16th July with payment to secure a place.  If you are not sure how many days you want to book please send payment for the first class only and then you can pay the subsequent classes on the day.  If you pay for all the classes by 16th July there is a 20% reduction.


  • If the classes are cancelled by me then you will receive a full refund
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of the classes you will receive no refund
  • If you cancel with at least 24 hours notice, you will receive 50% refund of your payment.

Want to know more about your energy.


The chakra system originated in India, more than four thousand years ago.  In the 1920’s, chakras were brought to the west by Arthur Avalon with his book The Serpent Power.  (Judith, A. Eastern Body Western Mind: 2004)

Chakras are often referred to in yoga and meditation and it simply is the Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’.  In reference to yoga it describes a concentration of energy at various points in our bodies energy field.  Every major structure in the physical and subtle body has its own chakra consisting of seven major chakras that exist within the spine which are commonly referred to (in yoga) as mooladhara, swadhisthana, manipura, anaharta, vishuddhi, ajna and sahasrara.

These energy points hold considerable information about the state of our life force enabling us to gain a healthier balanced life. Chakras cannot be physically identified like emotions, but they can have a strong influencing effect on our body and mind.  By practising yoga and meditation including breathing techniques and relaxation we can influence our chakras, and in turn our health and lives.

Chakras do not work in isolation as they are able to communicate to each other through an energy channel called Nadi.  This channel rises centrally up the spine and is called Sushumna. The balance of these energies affects everything you do, feel, think or say.  From my own personal experience, it is better to concentrate on balancing them rather than focusing on a particular chakra.

They (Chakras) are the principle controllers and transformers of all the energy you experience every day through your interactions with people around you and your environment.  (Energy flows from above as cosmic energy and from below as earth energy and converges in the main chakras of your body.)  They hold an imprint of the past, and this store of past energy influences your present actions.  The state of the flow of energy flow through your chakras is responsible for the way your thoughts and actions flow throughout the day. ( Dru Yoga: Stillness in Motion 2007)

The first three chakras near the base of the spine (mooladhara, swadhisthana and manipura) focus on the physical level, the heart (anaharta) and throat (vishuddhi) concentrate on our energy around us and communication.  Whereas the brow (anja) and crown (sahasrara) governs intuition, insight and connection to our higher perspective.

Western scientists often are unpersuaded by the concepts of chakras mainly because there is no physical proof.  Some yoga teachers make outrageous claims on the power of the chakras and their ability to ‘cure’ all diseases.  From my own experience they are helpful as a reference point but also need to be balanced with common sense awareness of your own body.

For more information: From my experience there is a lot of information on the internet about Chakras, so be careful what you read.  You can find some information under the title ‘More about Dru’ above.  A good book and author – Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System.  Anodea Judith