Coming out of the dark …..

Sadly sometimes a door needs to close to allow you to make space for another door to open ….. or as someone said the other day the other door has always been open you just have not seen it.

So it is goodbye to classes at Minskip village hall, a beautiful village hall and I have many happy memories of teaching in this hall.  A very special place.  A big thank you to everyone that came along to support me.  I know some of you intend to come to the classes at Green Hammerton but some hopefully will continue their yoga journey in new places.  Thank you!

I have always taught my yoga classes at night and now I am braving the daylight.  So on Monday 12th March there will be a new class at Green Hammerton village hall at 9.30 until 10.45pm – the same format, same price as Thursdays.  It would be great to see old and new students and should be a great way to start the week!

Coming over the horizon ….. Monthly Maintenance Offer.  If you are registered student of yoga classes you can take advantage of a monthly aromatherapy offer of only £18.  This massage will include the use of essential oils and Reiki but will only work on a specific area of concern and will last 45 minutes.

If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me



Would you like some Reiki?

What is Reiki?  click here 

How does the Reiki feel ?  Individual perspective click here

The above link can explain very simply what Reiki is and how it works.

I was introduced to Reiki about 5 years ago when I was not very well.  Having visited my local GP surgery several times they were unable to treat me. In desperation I turned to a Reiki practitioner that had been recommended to me by a friend.  From my first session I started to heal and even though it was not immediate I gradually started to feel better.  Since that visit whenever I felt unwell I would visit this practitioner and continue to marvel in the benefits of Reiki.  I was offered the possibility of becoming a Reiki practitioner myself and jumped at the offer.  Now I have achieved level 3 as a Reiki practitioner.

If you would like to benefit from the healing energy of Reiki , I will be offering a FREE distant healing session this SUNDAY, 21st JANUARY at 8pm.

Benefits – would you like to relax and reduce stress?  you have an area of your body that would benefit from some healing?  you need some help and support to cope with some life challenges? and so on.

What do you need to do?  If you would like to take part email me or text me 07546295968 giving me the following details:  your name, your location for Sunday at 8pm and if there is any specific reasons for the Reiki such as a poorly knee, for stress or just overall relaxation.

Make sure that it is a convenient time for you, that you can easily relax either sitting or lying down somewhere quiet and warm where you will not be disturbed for at least 45 minutes.  Allow yourself to relax and welcome in the Reiki energy!

If you would like to know more please email or text me.     Jennix



New Year Newsletter



Dru Yoga – Classes resume this week with Minskip village hall on Wednesdays, 7pm until 8.15pm and Green Hammerton village hall on Thursdays, 6.30pm until 7.45pm.  NO booking required.  Even though there are mats and blankets available at class it is always a good idea to bring along your own (if you have them).  Do not forget to bring some water to drink throughout the class.  £5 per class – loyalty card available, every tenth class get free!  Each class includes 15 minute relaxation.  Classes will be held weekly throughout the holiday period now until August.

For those that wish to advance their yoga practice each month at Minskip village hall there is a meditation class which includes body movements, relaxation and a guided meditation.  NO booking required and it is open to regular and non-regular students.  It can be used as a stand alone class.  The next meditation class is on Wednesday 31st Jan at 7pm.

Massages – my practice has slightly changed.  I have found it beneficial both to myself and my clients to offer bespoke treatments rather than being restricted by different massage methods.  It means that I can draw on all my disciplines (yoga, meditation, counselling , aromatherapy, Reiki) to give you a more tailored experience, addressing your concerns rather than being restricted by the massage practice.  Refer to ‘treatments’ for more information.  I will be adding to my knowledge by shortly attending a Cancer care workshop (massage) and Hot Stone massage (will be asking for any volunteers).

Healing happens!  I get my mind out of the way and allow the intelligence of my body to do its healing work naturally.   Louise Hay

Golden Eagle Sequence – this beautiful sequence can be used at this time of year to release the old patterns of 2017 and step into the new year of 2018.

Stand in Tadasana – feet hip distance apart, joints relaxed, tummy slightly engaged, shoulders relaxed, arms by your side, chin parallel to the ground, crown uppermost.  Take a moment to feel grounded and feel that connection to earth through the soles of your feet.  Breathe.  Feel that sense of security and balance.  Arms by the side of the body with palms facing forward.  Bring your focus to your breath as you take yourself through the following moves.

Breathe in – allow fingers to curl in, to form a gentle fist.  Almost as if you are capturing your breath within your fingers.

Breathe out – place your fists on to your chest.

Breathe in – raise your elbows to shoulder level, keep shoulders relaxed,

Breathe out – move arms out, keeping at shoulder level, elbows bent.

Breathe in – move fists upwards to the sky.

Breathe out – open slowly the palms as they face each other.

Breathe in – turn palms forward and open fingers.  Allow your palms to soak in the light and energy.  Stay in this position for awhile breathing naturally.

Bring the arms softly down to the sides.  Maybe practice the moves initially to co-ordinate the breath and movement.  When ready use the first round to let go of any bad habits/burdens from 2017 – with each out breath set the intention of letting go, releasing all that no longer serves you.  After the first round take a step forwards as if you are stepping into 2018.  Do the sequence again but this time setting your intention with each in breath as you wish to see yourself in 2018.  Stepping in to your full potential.  As you hold the palms facing out in the uppermost position breathe in to empower and energise your full potential.  Now you are ready for 2018!



Christmas Meditation

  • Sit somewhere comfortably making sure you are warm and undisturbed.
  • Light a candle and place in front of you.
  • For awhile softly focus on the flame and then take your attention to your breath.  Become aware of the physical movement of the breath within the body as it comes and goes.  Gradually increase the length of in and out breath – gently and without force.  Feel a sense of calm and stillness.
  • Now send out love to everyone close to you – your family and friends, for those not with you at this time and be grateful for the time you have shared with them, for the joy, laughter and lessons they have taught you.
  • Take your focus to the heart centre at the chest area.  And feel the movement of breath within this area – the rising of the in breath and the falling of the out breath.  With each in breath have a sense of being filled with joy, peace and compassion, with each out breath send joy, peace and compassion out to your loved ones and the whole world.  It maybe helpful to visualise light.  Smile – you may also feel a sense of an inner smile.
  • Lastly bring a sense of pure love and gratitude to you, your amazing body, mind and spirit.  You are unique.  You are perfect.
  • Bring your focus back to the flame.  And when you are ready move on.

If sitting in silence is hard put on a piece of music that touches your heart.



Candle Light Meditation



Come and join us on Wednesday 6th December at Minskip village hall for a simple yet powerful candle light meditation.  Take time out during this busy period to relax, restore and re-balance, taking care of yourself and make this the best Christmas ever.

This session starts at 7pm until 8.15pm and will include body movement, relaxation and a guided meditation.  £5 per person.  Please bring along a mat and blanket.



Take a moment….












Our monthly meditation class will be on Weds 25th October at Minksip village hall, Boroughbridge at 7pm until 8.15pm.  Classes include body movements, relaxation and guided meditation.  You will also find inspirational focus, encouragement and advice on developing a daily practice also techniques to help you live a balanced and joyful life.  Classes are open to regular or new members.

If you have a mat and blanket please bring along, if not, mats/blankets available at class.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring some water.  No need for fancy footwear as the class is done in bare feet.

Should you wish further information please contact Jenni – refer to contact information.

You carry happiness always within, but there are times when it is hidden and quiet.  At these times you just need to remember it’s there waiting to be revealed again.    Jennix

September starts ….

Looking for yoga classes …..    

Wanting help with back problems?  Needing to reduce your stress levels?   Need time just for you?  Feel that there is more to life?  Finding sleeping a problem?  Need some help to cope with life?   Just looking for something but what?

Dru yoga is maybe the answer.  The flowing yoga movements easily adapt to either physical or emotional blocks or concerns.  Your body naturally wants to move but some time life can reduce that movement either by physical or emotional problems.  Dru gently and gracefully supports the body and mind to open up, and freely move, allowing you to live with more joy and peace.

On Wednesday, classes are at Minskip village hall at 7pm unti 8.15pm.  Classes resume on Wednesday 6th September.

On Thursday, classes are at Green Hammerton village hall at 6.30pm until 7.45pm.

All classes are £5 – no booking required.  Please bring along a mat and blanket.

Not sure …… why not try a private session.  It is a great way to start your practice and gives you a personal insight into how Dru yoga can work for you.  For September and October only enjoy the benefits of an offer price of £15 for an introductory, individual session.  (To know more about Dru yoga see link below.)


What is Dru Yoga?


Last month for offers …


Aromatherapy massage – full body for only £38.  Personalised massage that uses essential oils to improve well-being and health.  Can help relax tense muscles, improve circulation, improve immune system, helps aching joints and reduce stress-related symptoms.

Reiki massage for only £30 for 60 minutes of massage plus 20 minutes of Reiki. Add the healing benefits of Reiki to your massage – getting the best of both worlds.


Regular customers will enjoy their sixth regular massage free – loyalty cards available from September.



Meditation – establish a regular practice.

The next meditation  class will be on Wednesday 26th July, 7pm until 8.15pm at Minskip village hall, Boroughbridge.  Everyone welcome wether you are a regular class member or just interested in meditation. This is a special class including tools to establish a regular practice at home. So whether you are looking for peace in this busy life, support for life challenges or to tap into your individual creativity please come along to enjoy all the benefits of Dru meditation.  (Please note NO classes at Minskip village hall during August).


The offers continue …

For the month of July the offers available are:

Aromatherapy massages – full body for only £38.  Limited time then choose the back, shoulders and neck only aromatherapy massage for only £28.  The massage oil is tailored to your needs using blends of essentail oils to make this massage unique to you.  Take advantage of this offer and come and experience the power of the essential oils. (Sorry no discount vouchers can be used at the same time as monthly offers)

Gift vouchers/boxes are available for all treatments.  Included in each gift box is specially made product and gift voucher.